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In every important way! You no longer have multi-day installations and long cure times. What once were cumbersome, lengthy repairs become easy and instantaneous. With Kablan Magnetic Porcelain‘s patented magnetic installation, you have a simple, versatile, and durable system that anyone can install, maintain, and replace in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. The only thing that is the same is the saw you use to cut them — no need to buy new equipment!

All of Kablan’s magnetic products are proudly engineered, assembled, and packaged in Canada, using only the finest materials from Italy, Germany, and the USA.

No! Use your standard tile saw or even a simple score-and-snap tool to cut these tiles. If you opt to use a score-and-snap tool, you can use a utility knife to easily slice through the magnet.

No! (Do a happy dance.) The tiles are cut so accurately that they can be installed tightly in living rooms, dining rooms, basements, office buildings, malls, etc., with no need for unsightly grout lines. We do, however, recommend grouting in areas that are subject to heavy contamination, such as commercial kitchens and in some cases, bathrooms.

The advantages are countless (unless you’re really good at counting). With Kablan’s beautiful wood designs, extra-long planks, and no grout, everyone will finally believe your wood-look tiles are wood! Also, it provides more continuity of movement amongst the tiles. Furthermore, you don’t have the mess of grouting in the first place. Beyond that, you don’t need to clean grout for an eternity, only to find it was never really clean to begin with. Additionally, (I’m running out of adverbs!), you won’t have to re-grout, because you never had grout to begin with. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about colour-matching grout to your tiles. Can you tell grout drives us nuts? It makes us grout-chy.

This was designed for you! Tiles don’t need to be forever (although our designs are timeless). If/when you ever tire of them, they can be pulled out, reused elsewhere, and you can install new magnetic tiles in their place. Hello reno!

There are many technical and financial challenges to creating a reliable and cost-effective building material. Kablan’s approach to construction is completely out of the ordinary, from inception to raw material to manufacturing to distribution, which allowed us to overcome these challenges and offer you this revolutionary patented system.

Most likely. We ship direct to anywhere in the Hamilton area.

Wherever you want your floor and walls to be beautiful, durable, and easy to maintain.

Yes! Imagine changing that backsplash on a whim! Installation is as simple as can be with the Wall Installation System.

Lift the broken tile out with a suction lifter, and pop a new one in. As we keep saying, it really is that easy!

Yes! This is ideal for commercial applications — in fact, it was originally engineered for that purpose. It’s an ideal solution for retail spaces, where turnaround time in both initial installation and repairs is critical. The flexibility to re-design makes it ideal for spaces that need to modernize their look frequently. The tiles are made to withstand commercial use. It is only due to popular demand in the residential sector that they spread into those markets.

It has to be as flat as it would be if you were tiling with non-magnetic porcelain. Magnetic tiles follow the same standards as traditional tiling. For more information, see our Installation Instructions.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of Kablan Magnetic Porcelain. The magnets used are made of 75% recycled material. They eliminated the mortar and grout, so there is no longer any risk of silica exposure, and there is less water waste in the process of installation. As tiles can be individually replaced, much less material is wasted. Porcelain is a natural, durable material, which means fewer repairs over the lifetime of the product, which saves both material and one’s sanity. The tiles are also made with a minimum of 40% recycled material. They are rearrangeable, so one set can be reused – creating a new look every time.

Prices are listed on our online store. You can browse our collection here.

Unless your dog is called Fluffy and has three heads, no. Your dog will not scratch matte or aged porcelain.

A properly installed tile is engineered so that it cannot unintentionally shift. Depending on the size and application of the tile, there is up to 8800 lbs of force holding the tile in place. The floor tiles have a holding force of approximately 40 lbs per square foot, and the wall tiles have 4x that.

Porcelain is a workhorse. It resists fire, flood, frost, mould, and virtually all daily use and abuse. It mimics other natural materials in beauty, without all the inherent weaknesses. It never needs to be sealed, and is environmentally friendly. Porcelain like Kablan’s is one of those –forever– things.

Not in the least. The magnetic field is contained between the tile and the magnetically receptive subfloor.

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